Sovereign roofing offer a range of services. Details of which are as follows.

Concrete tile is becoming the most common replacement when re- roofing, as it is much cheaper than clay tiles or slate. It has essentially all of the positive characters of   a clay tile but with the added advantage of being available in a wider range of styles & colours including traditional clay, slate, & many more.  Tile is a very resilient material and is able to withstand some of the harshest elements. The drawback to tiles is their weight; they are very heavy.

Gives a great finish to a roof, it is a skilled and meticulous process. Its life expectancy can be more than 100 yrs. Dependant of course upon the condition of the slate. Slate roofs are more difficult to repair, if repairs are needed. As the roof can be fragile when repairing 1 slate sometimes the surrounding slates may break. Once you start to have a few problems with a slate roof it quite often makes more sense to re-roof reclaiming and re-using as much of the original ‘good’ slate as possible. There are also many new slates available, Chinese, Spanish etc.

Felt Roofing
Most felted roofs over 15 years old will be glass fibre felt. Our company uses a polyester based felt, fully bonded with hot bitumen, which will contract & expand, during changes in weather condition.
This system will adhere to most types of decking, providing it is not rotten. If decking needs replacing, we recommend 18mm ply board, roofers used to use chipboard but this is no longer recommended. We finish the roof with green mineral drips and flashings. Solar bar reflective paint is an alternative to the old style limestone chippings as a finish which reflects the sun to keep the felt cool.

Cleaning gutters is an essential once- or even twice-a-year job. We also replace all types of guttering cast iron, wooden, (like for like) or U.P.V.C. and of course down pipe to suit. The U.P.V.C gutters and down pipes come in different shapes & colours, e.g. square line, half round & commercial half round, Niagara, hi-cap. In colours- black, white, brown or grey. If you would like to set up a maintenance contract with us to maintain your guttering, twice yearly; clearing out silt, leaves other debris unblocking outlets, please contact us for information. Special discounted price for an annual fee, can be arranged. Based on the size or the time it takes to carry out the maintenance.

Roof Repairs
The roof is one of the more venerable areas of your house and it is vital, that you not only have quality roofing installed, but that regular checks and repairs are carried out to ensure its long life. Consider the fact that all roofing is subject to wind, rain, snow, sun; all the elements and you should realize that your new roofing and subsequent roofing repairs, need to be to a high standard. Having a new roof installed can be pricey, one of the biggest investments in your house but, regular check ups and minor repairs, when needed, can prevent the worst from happening.
If you require an annual roofing inspection or a quote for work that has been suggested by a building surveyor for a property you intend to buy. We would provide a written report, with photographs. The fee for this service is from £45.00 off any roofing services that may be required. If your property is larger than average or requires an inspection scaffold, for access to comply with Health & Safety regulations. There may be a supplement which will be discussed and agreed before our inspection.
A further discount can be arranged if the inspection service is taken along with a gutter maintenance contract.

Fascias and Soffits
Wooden fascias and soffits tend to rot away, over the years, often out of sight and often, from the inside out. Before that happens, there are some common signs of trouble. Stains, even on wood that's painted, this means that water is leaking into the roof, instead of draining into the gutters; paint that’s flaking; and in general- rotting wood. All wooden fascias & soffits can be replaced with new wood. Alternatively, of course P.V.C, is maintenance free, and comes in different colours, white, black & mahogany.

Is an eco-friendly, non-lead flashing that can be used in all applications where lead is normally installed, but has no resale value as scrap. It is therefore particularly useful to use on buildings where the lead has been stolen. Ubiflex is not only one tenth the weight of lead, fully malleable and easy to install but will retain its shape in virtually all conditions. Available in grey or black, Ubiflex also has a 15 year warranty. The quality, high performance and cost effectiveness of Ubiflex makes it an ideal flashing for all new build and refurbishment projects.